Only You

I heard another say today, “So often I forget

Until I am in deepest pain, and then He meets me yet!”

All I could think was, “Please dear Lord,

O may it never be… that I forget about the One

Who gave His life for me.”


How could I wake each morn’ without the Breath that fills my lungs

The song that’s ringing in my ears and is as yet unsung?

How could I bear to take one step without the strength that lifts

My aching heart and weary soul… another day a gift.


My thoughts were ringing out this way, oh righteous so I was….

When it dawned on me that yesterday He and I met not once.

My day was on right off the bat, I barely stopped to converse

He beckoned me, but I ignored the God of the universe.


It never happens purposely, for all within me longs

To live forever at His side and safely in His arms

And yet some days there is no response

Some days my soul seems dead

To the Word that brought me such delight when just last time I read.


How is it that I oft’ am cold, when just the day before

The fire deep within me burned

And everything within me yearned

To be at Heavn’s door?


The fellowship I share with Him those times is oh so sweet

Moments resting in His arms and sitting at His feet.

He bathes me in His precious love, the world fades full away

And there is no-one else but Him and me and what we say.


Oh precious Lord, I long to live enraptured by Your grace

I want to spend each passing hour envisioning Your face

I know I have to live on earth and will distracted be

But just for now, will You please come

And sing for me the song unsung

And fade all others from my view

Until all of me


Is only You




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