Found In Love

heart light

Love me tender, love me tough

Drag me through it if You must

Move me, Lord, with iron prods

Let me not seek lesser gods

Shake things up here

When I sleep

Till my promises I keep

Promises I’ve made to You

To my word, Lord, keep me true.

Let me not turn left nor right

Help me keep You in my sight

Moving forward, straight and sure

Lips and hands and feet stay pure

As I seek a greater Good

As I follow as I should

The narrow path that few have tread

Fix my vision straight ahead

Feed me not on milk that’s sweet

Give me rather tougher meat

Hard to swallow, hard to chew

Revealing deeper parts of You

Turning me from young to old

Until I shine like fired gold

A treasure for Your Beauty crown

Just one small part of Your renown

A story that from start to end

Tells of servant, daughter, friend

Who left it all so she could be

Forever found in Love with Thee.

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