Hiding place

The sweetest love there is… the love of Jesus…

He is a soft place to land, a place of comfort, of peace…

Just sitting quietly with him calms all fears, settles the heart, and makes me feel… safe.

He lifts my head, wipes my tears, and says,

 I know. I’m so sorry. I am here now, and all is well. I promise. Just rest.

Precious Jesus, how I love you.

Every breath I take is filled with your goodness, your peace,

and hints of the joy it is to be yours,

even in the midst of sorrow.

What a precious, precious friend you are. How could I ever need more?

In the middle of my pain, you speak life.

In the midst of my exhaustion, you give rest.

In place of my confusion, you bring clarity.

And into my fear, you breathe hope.

Truly, there is no other like you.

What a gift, to belong to you,

To have the privilege of resting in your arms.

I love you, sweet Jesus.

Thank you.

You are everything to me.

2 thoughts on “Hiding place

  1. How precious are these words and at just the moment I need to share them with a precious friend who is waiting as her Mom finishes her journey home to Jesus.


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