A Quiet Walk – When We Finally Stop Trying So Hard

What does it mean to search for God with all your heart?
I have been told this means…
I should rise early and give Him the first part of my day.
I should lock myself in my closet and pray til an answer comes.
I should pray with intensity so that He knows I really want Him.
I should listen to only Christian music so my thoughts are always on Him.
But what if I told you…
My entire day belongs to Him.
My closet can be the quiet words spoken between Him and me throughout the day.
He hears and understands the intensity of my heart-felt pleas, and He knows well how much I want Him.
There is music not deemed “Christian” that reveals the depths of emotion and cries of the human heart – and if I miss this, I miss much of humanity – the very ones Jesus loves.
This is not to discourage those who would follow after God with outward intensity – there are those He has called to that kind of a walk. And speaking with Him first thing in the morning, even if just for a few moments? It really does help to set the tone of your day.
But when we tell others God won’t take them seriously if they are not presenting outwardly the proper actions to prove their love for Him, they become discouraged.
And instead of feeling the freedom of being a child who can come to their daddy at any moment, they feel the guilt of being a failure as His friend.
Instead of knowing that He hears their cries and understands the thoughts of their heart, they fear they aren’t doing enough to make Him listen.
Precious ones, He is always listening.
Your Father hears the cry of Your heart.
There is no formula – the veil was torn wide open.
We now have complete access to the Father – at any time, in any place, even in the quiet places of the heart.
Seek Him with all your heart, my friend. That heart that longs to know Him, longs to be near Him, longs to see Him work in your life.
Bring your quiet request before Him, and then go about your way with the complete assurance that He has heard, and He will answer.
This is how we honor Him – this is how we seek Him – by resting, and trusting, and ceasing the striving.
For He says, Be still, and know that I am God.
And with the Psalmist David, you will be able to say,
I waited patiently for the Lord, and He listened to me, responded willingly, and answered my cry for help. (Ps. 40:1-2)
Be at peace, dear heart. You do not have to prove you love Him. You do not have to prove you want Him. He already knows.
For remember what He said to Samuel –
Man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.

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