Heart to Heart

A Penny for Your Thoughts

I will not leave you comfortless; I will come to you.  ~John 14:18

Tonight, my heart hurts.

My soul is weary.

The fight is real.

I would wager that many of you are here tonight, too;

Because how many of us fight a secret struggle, deep in the recesses of our hearts,

That nobody knows about, except for God?

For how many of us is it a fight to simply make it through the day – just one more day –

And believe that, even though we don’t see the answers, God has said it, so He will do it?

Have you done all you can, obeyed all you should, tried to right every wrong, and still it seems the answers won’t come?

Is there an area of weakness,  born out of an unmet need deep in your heart, that you are aware by now only Jesus can heal?

Do you struggle, day after day, to keep your thoughts pure, and your mind set on Jesus?

I had all but given up, ready to give in to the voices swirling in my head:

“You’ll never get it together.”

“You will always wish things were different.”

“You will never be happy.  This will always be your life.”

“What a fool you are.  You can’t control your thoughts, and God is tired of it.  He isn’t going to use you.

“Not only that, but stop asking Him for things.  God only hears the prayer of the righteous, remember?

And you are far from righteous.”

And that, my friend, was the enemy’s fatal mistake.

What he did not know is this: God has already assured me He can and will use whoever He wants.

His work is not dependent upon my perfection.

He has called me, and the gifts and callings of God are without repentance.

He has already told me over and over that He understands my struggle,

He is not mad at me,

And He is working on my behalf, regardless of what I see.

See, the enemy is trying to strike where he has stuck before – and won.

But I know a secret – God is for me, not against me.

The wounds I suffer now will become the balm that soothes another’s soul.

The temptations that taunt me today will become the victory that proclaims His righteousness.

I do not have to be afraid of myself and the darkness that threatens to overtake me,

For Christ is righteous in me, and He is my light.

His sweet Spirit has spoken louder than the enemy tonight:

Remember, I am with you.  I will never leave you, ever.

I only made you to handle so much – and now, this is where I step in.

You will likely continue to struggle for awhile;

But when you do, just hand those thoughts to me.  I will handle them.

I will replace your fear with my peace. I will cover your shame with my righteousness.

And when the enemy lies, I will speak truth.

You only need listen. And believe.

And my mind is calmed, and my heart, though tired, is at peace.

And my thoughts are on Him, and how good He is, how precious His thoughts.

And I can rest.

And you can too, my friend.

He’s got you; and those words He spoke to me,

He speaks to you.

Peace, be still.

I am holding you.

Just rest.


My sweet Jesus, speak peace to the troubled mind.

Speak truth to Your people, when the enemy bombards us with condemnation that does not come from You.

Remind us that You don’t withhold good things from us – You give us your best.

And that your best is far above anything that we could ask or think.

Thank you for speaking truth.

You are good. So good.

We are so in love with You.


Your lovingkindness is better than life; therefore, my lips will praise You.  ~ Psalm 63:3


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