Heart to Heart

You’re gonna be ok

A message from a friend: I am hurting today.

A phone call: I am tired… I don’t know how much longer I can do this.

A social media post that silently screams, Someone, anyone, please love me.

It’s all around, and truth be told, we are all hurting in some way.

Peace, my friend. He keeps speaking peace to me. He’s got this. He truly does.

I don’t know what your hurt is today, what your struggle… whether heartache, loss, loneliness, emptiness, confusion, betrayal, unfulfilled dreams, longings – still, He is there, even in the midst of the most heartbreaking, maddening, painful thing you have ever endured.

When you feel like you can’t, He can.

When you just want to give up and give in, He will strengthen you.

When the temptation is too great for you to bear, He will provide a way out.

And even if you fall, He will still catch you.

You are safe, my friend. Completely safe if your heart belongs to Jesus.

It’s what He keeps saying as I whisper my fears.

When the confusion swirls around, and your head is swimming, and you cannot control your thoughts, the ache in your heart won’t quell, and the questions rage,

His gentle voice says,

Stop. Stop trying so hard, precious one. Can you just be still, and let me love you? 

Come, just sit with me for a bit.  Remember – I’ve got this.  All of it. 

You have done all you can.  Now rest. Watch me work.

And again…

 Rest.  I am still in control.  I haven’t forgotten you.  You hear this constantly, but I need you to hear it again and believe it this time, because it is the most solid truth:

 I am working in ways you cannot see.

You wouldn’t understand.  Your mind, your heart, they are not ready to see, to take in all I have and am preparing for you. 

Do you believe me when I say that all things work together for the good of those who love me?   Have you heard that so many times you are tired of hearing it?

Then let’s try this:

I love you, and you are mine. I am bringing the best things to you. In my way, in my time.

You can tie yourself up in knots trying to figure it all out, or

You can just trust me, and love me, and let me hold you, and simply be mine.

Either way, I am working. 

I saved your life, my sweet child.  I moved heaven and earth to ensure that you would live with me forever.  Don’t you think I can work out the other things in your life? 

I loved you enough to lay down my life for you,

and I love you enough to give you good things.

So peace, be still.



And just like that, my mind is calmed.

And yours can be, too.

You do not have to entertain the confusing, swirling, fear-inducing questions in your head.

You can be still, and know that He is God.

And He is working on your behalf.

Because He loves you.  You are His.

Rest in that today, my friend.

Peace.  Be still.

You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.   ~Isaiah 26:3


~ M ♥

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