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Unfounded Fears

He who did not spare His own son, but delivered Him over for us all, how will He not also with Him freely give us all things? ~Romans 8:32

Have I ever forsaken you?  Your fears are unfounded.

Did I not offer up My one and only Son for you?  Your fears are unfounded.

Have I not gone out of My way to provide for you in every circumstance?

Your fears are unfounded.

Have I not called you My beloved, My angel, My cherished one?  Your fears are unfounded.

Have I not spoken when you asked to hear My voice?  Your fears are unfounded.

Have you not read of My anger and My swift reaction when someone dares to touch you, the apple of My eye?  Your fears are unfounded.

Have I not held you, rocked you, enveloped you in My love when your heart was crushed?  My dear one, your fears are wholly and completely unfounded.

It is I Who gave you life.  It is I who formed your body while you were yet in your mother’s womb.  I am the One who designed the shape of your face, the length of your fingers, the color of your hair and eyes and skin, and yes, even that crazy allergy you have to cats, as much as you love them.  I have My reasons.

Is it not I Who protects you daily from danger?  Who do you think spared your life in an accident that should have taken it?  Your fears are unfounded.

Who was it Who placed the doctor you did NOT want in the delivery room when your unborn son’s life was in danger?  In spite of all of your fussing and fuming, did My servant not save your life and the life of your child?

Who was it Who later walked your eldest child out of a wave that should have taken him under and out to sea?  That day the fear clutched your heart and you couldn’t find the presence of mind to move your body to rescue your son from what you knew was going to be a death blow?  Did you not see Me save his life that day?  Your fears are unfounded.

Tell me Who it was Who kept that stone table from fully crushing your baby girl’s skull?  Why do you think it was that she was found sitting UP instead of lying UNDER the table?  Do you really think that table moved itself after it fell on her head?  Your fears are unfounded.

Who was it Who took that same accident and baffled neurologists by correcting a condition they hadn’t even known existed?  My dear, are you really still so afraid for your children?  Have I not proven My care for them over and over?  Your fears are unfounded.

Who do you think it is Who keeps a roof over your head, food on your table, and clothes on your body?   And might I add, they are not shabby clothes, you live a block from the beach, and you eat pretty well, in My opinion (and My opinion counts for a lot).  Given all of that, I would say that your fears are unfounded.

How do you like that big, comfy chair you are sitting in?  Do you remember how I so obviously provided that for you?  How about that very reliable vehicle that carries you and your children to school each day and your family to church each week?  Remember that one?  Your fears are unfounded.

Do you remember the day your heart was so broken over your sin, and you asked Me how I could still love you?  Do you remember My answer?  May I remind you – you never did anything to deserve My Love to begin with.  And you never earned My provision or My protection or My favor – those are all part of My Love for you.  So why is it that you are so afraid of losing those things?  If I gave them to you to begin with, when you were undeserving, why would I take them away, when you are equally as undeserving?  Your fears are unfounded.

Do you remember Who freely gave you wisdom when you asked?  Ask Me again.   I freely give, without judging.  Your fears are unfounded.

Why do You think it is that You want to know Me?  Why is it that You are so drawn to Me, to be near Me, to hear My voice?  Do you think you planted that seed in yourself?  No man can come except that he be called by the Holy Spirit.  Remember My promise – that I, Who began a good work in you, will carry it on until it is completed.  If I started the work, I will finish it.  Your fears are unfounded.

And finally, these concerns you currently have, the prayers you need answered, the miracles and heart-changes you are waiting for… do you remember the prayers I answered so specifically and swiftly for you at the beginning of the year – one after the other after the other – an unmistakeable outpouring of My love for you and PROOF that I DO answer prayer and am very willing to give you the things you need and desire?  Do you remember how cherished and doted on and tenderly cared-for you felt when you KNEW that I was paying attention to and answering the smallest details of your life?  Those little things that were so important to you and so obvious that I had given?

And now that the prayers you are praying are so much more urgent, and so much more important, and depend so much more on My intervention, do You think that I will let you down?  Do you really think that I will provide material needs – those little things – and not even more so answer your prayers regarding the hearts and lives of those you and I love so dearly?  Why do you think I was so specific in answering you – in proving My ability and willingness?  It was to show you just this – that YOUR FEARS ARE UNFOUNDED.

Will He, Who offered up His only Son, not graciously with Him give you all things?  If I was willing to give you My Son, then what do you think I will withhold from you?  My love?  My provision?  My comfort?  My peace?  Those are all small things in comparison to My ultimate sacrifice.

In the same way, if I was willing to answer your requests for the material things you had need and desire for, am I not willing to then answer your requests for the things that hold eternal significance? I repeat:  your fears are unfounded.

Perfect Love casts out fear.  Accept My perfect Love.  Let it consume and comfort your heart, and let it cast out the fear that continues to paralyze you in so many areas of your life.  I am the One Who provides all things.  I have proven that I am both able and willing.  You have seen with your own eyes that the God of the universe loves and cherishes you.

Your fears are unfounded.


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6 thoughts on “Unfounded Fears

  1. God is always as close as the mention of His name, so thankful for His faithfulness.
    You are loved, sweet girl! Mamma ❤


  2. I love your writing here and I need to take your words on board. Fear is my default reaction far too often, but when I remember who God is and look back on all the times i have seen his faithfulness in the past I can see that it is true- my fears are unfounded.


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